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Green house: a way to save energy!


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1_ why is important to save energy
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Today the United States is the world leader when it comes to pumping  carbon dioxide—a major contributor to global warming—into the atmosphere.

From 1990-1997, almost three-quarters of commercial emissions were attributable to electricity consumption for private lighting, heating, cooling and operating appliances.

Many U.S. federal businesses, such as manufacturers and more recently the insurance sector, now recognize that the potential costs and impacts of climate change may represent a serious challenge to their future economic well-being.


At the same time, although the impacts on private industry may be severe, climate change solutions may offer economic opportunities to firms that position themselves to take advantage of new markets in energy-efficient products and renewable energy technologies.

Many proactive businesses have been surprised at how easy it is to make voluntary improvements in their private energy use. You can lower the environmental risks associated with global warming, such as problems to humans and even to animals, and, at the same time, your stockholders will benefit from long- term reductions in operating costs.

Through energy-efficient technologies and initiatives that reduce house going green gas emissions, thousands of public companies already are saving money on their energy bills, increasing productivity, improving their facilities and operations, and manufacturing better products.

So an energy efficient home incorporates common sense design principles, selection of the most appropriate fuel sources, energy efficient appliances & technology, and the minimisation of our energy use trough its calculation. This is a very important step to understand because saving money is sticktly connected with the control of what you are spending.

   1. A reduced need for expensive heating & cooling appliances and systems
   2. Reduced appliance and system running costs, and therefore energy bills
   3. Reduced energy related greenhouse gas emissions



To save energy you don’t just have to renew your electrical, your healing or your lightning  installations, you also have to change your behaviour!

For example, my 150 years old brother always tells me about his old way of living, I can share with you his tips!



~ shaving:  Many years ago women and men used to shave themselves with a little pot with boiling water, a brush and some shaving cream, in this way they didn’t waste 10 minutes (women even more because we know how they like spending time under the shower!) of runnung water!

~ dryer: have you ever seen the washing loudry hung out on wires in the houses’ gardens or between the buildings? Have you ever thought how relaxing it is to spend a little time to take care by yourself of your washed stuff and how make you feeling pride to use the sunshine’s power? So, do you really think that you need a dryer?! At least in summer and if you have a sunspot available.

~ tv: when tv didn’t exist, people used to talk and socialize much more: so, isn’t better to play role games, stay in the park with your relatives and ride your bike in the sunset? So, why are you still watching your stupid tv?!?!

~ dish-washer: as you have to make a pre-washing, isn’t it better to finish the work immediately, washing them by hand? It won’t take longer and your glasses will shine as never before! And you also have to take care of your machine and however, when it breaks down you’ll have to wash them with your hands. So, why don’t do this always?!

~ heating: as winter is cold everybody needs to heat the house (ok, if you are in a desert maybe you are not interested!), so you should think how hot you need; if you put on a sweater you would need a lower temperature and a lower emission of CO2 and this would make you saving money and help the environment … and also remember that if you don’t need an extra room, you are not obliged to heat it!

~AC: as we said before, also air conditioning is quite necessary in a modern house, but if your house is well projected you wouldn’t need it! Why? For example because your building could be very isolated with a special kind of wall, maybe made with wood and natural elements! or you could increase your house isolation changing your windows and the frames so you wouldn’t need any kind of AC! And you can always stay naked , and feel free how much money you save that you can use for something else.

~ elevators: nowadays everybody hurry and the lift is a strategic way to get time, but you are wasting energy to save few minutes! Don’t you think that rediscover the stairs could be a very interesting experiment? You could lose weight, make muscles and you don’t risk to be trapped in a cage, and of course you can meet that cute girl/boy in the second floor! Isn’t it better to leave the elevators to people that really need it?!

~ public transportation: have you ever thought about your car? You should, because it helps you very much but, at the same moment, it gives a lot of problems! Why? For example, how much you pay for insurance? And for the maintenance? And how many problems you have if you have an accident? How much time you lose to refuel? So, why don’t you use the public transportation? You could save time, save money, save your health with less CO2   emissions and save your brain from the problems of parking etc etc.

~ bags: when you go to the grocery you should bring your bag from home, do you know why? Because if everytime you go buying something you take a bag you’ll make a huge amount of waste! So it could be better to reuse your bag also to put the dumps!

So, maybe you have understood that taking care by yourself of your house and to go back to the ancient world sometimes make your life better!!!

Also check back we will post the most recent incentives available around the country for people who gain ecomoney [ie the delta between the normal power consumption and the new life style consumption]



The idea of using energy for many people is irrelevant, but energy is money. And energy is part of the Universe and you have only a fixed amount of energy [the visible one, we are talking about dark energy here].

So we have to think to it as a year amount of cash, say 50.000, more or less, for every person living on Earth.

Every person, does not matter if you live in Uganda or Argentina or Iceland.

This energy we call ecomoney.

So if you use more than 50K every year in some way you are stealing it from somebody else, and stealing is not a good thing. Sooner or later the cops are coming for you. Bad boy.

So if you plan to use more energy than other, you should pay other people that do not need the energy now or can not use [because they reside in place where is difficult to use].
For example if you need extra 30K of ecomoney you can ask somebody else in  your or another country to supply their quota.

This ecomoney can be converted to buy other goods, like books, or tools. Depends to the people involved.

You can use for traveling, using more air conditioning,, eat 50 hamburger a week or watch soccer in a 52 inches plasma tv. Does not matter.

Use our calculation tool and you can understand how much you need and how much you can live for your future [be that your children or other people you do not know].

By the way, this concept is nothing new, in the past your grand parents used to save something everyday to give to children, to keep the human race continuing.



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